Get to know the people who make our Club the place for kids to be!

Todd D. Trout


Todd has been at the Club for 26 years, he LOVES Cheese Pizza and has toured 23 countries playing music with his band, GAMEFACE.

Luz Trout

Program Director

Luz is Vegan, has 3 fur babies & enjoys baking, drawing & organizing when she’s not at the Club.

Monica Perez

Accounts Coordinator

Monica has 7 grand kids and 1 great-grandkid! She’s been married for 45 years and she was La Habra High Homecoming princesses in 1976!

Malia Hays

Teen Director

Is the first in her family to graduate college, she loves basketball & scary movies.

Laura Khong

Education Coordinator

Laura speaks 3 languages, is super competitive & loves board games.

Gary James

Athletics Coordinator

As a kid, Gary played baseball in 7 states & 2 different countries. Oddly enough, he’s never broken a bone!

Gabby Perez

Program Staff

Gabby is the Queen of Karaoke! Fashion & Design are some of her passions.

Yesenia Tellez

Program Staff

Yesenia is a fraternal twin and in her spare time she tends to her 5 chickens!

Zena Hammouri

Program Staff

Zena loves helping others almost as much as she loves basketball! She also grew up on a farm.

Bob Estland

Program Staff

Bob has worked for the Club for over 50 years & loves Dr. Pepper!

Josh Huitron

Program Staff

Josh is a very talented artist and loves to play soccer.

Frank Genera

Program Staff

Frank collects Funko Pops, has tried almost every kind of pizza & knows all things Spider Man.

Janet Guzman

Program Staff

Janet is a California State University, Long Beach graduate, she loves cars, the movie Freedom Writers and has multiple reptile pets.

Angelica Witter

Program Staff

Angelica is Jamaican, loves body art & has 6 tattoos and has lost 100 lbs!