Teen Programs

Power Hour

An hour every day set aside for homework. The TV and game consoles are turned off to provide a quiet environment, and teens have time and resources to work on homework and class projects.


A leadership program for our high school members where they are given the opportunity to serve as leaders in the Club and the surrounding community with biweekly meetings and multiple service opportunities.


A leadership program designed to give Jr. High members opportunities to grow as leaders in their friendships, the Club, and their community with biweekly meetings and service opportunities.


A weekly program for girls grades 7-12 where we discuss topics such as hygiene, safe dating practices, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, etc. Girls get to listen to guest speakers, participate in relevant activities, and have the opportunity to be mentored by older women throughout the program.


A weekly program designed for young men grades 7-12. Guys get to listen and talk to guest speakers, participate in relevant activities, and have adult-led open forum discussions about the material. Curriculum covers various topics, such as hygiene, stress management, dating/relationships, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, etc.

fine arts club

A weekly program where Teens can discover their own creativity by learning about famous artists throughout history. Participants have the chance to learn what materials and media these artists used to make their art into a true masterpiece.


A financial literacy program sponsored by Royal Business Bank. This program has 7 lessons that cover banking basics, income and employment, budgeting, credit and debit, consumer skills, financing higher education, and insurance.

Thank you for making an investment in our Club and in our mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential. Everything donation makes an impact, no matter the size. Thank you for being a part of our Club family!

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